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Mstar provides GPS/GLONASS chipset that addresses space and cost constraints of mobile phones. The chipset makes possible the adoption of dual system satellite navigation receivers in cellular handsets and other mobile devices. Combination of the GPS/GLONASS solution with Mstar cellular phone products facilitates the development of mobile platforms that take full advantage of positioning with both US and Russian satellite navigation systems.

The dual system solution of Mstar is truly unique and achieves unprecedented size and cost metrics to address the needs of cellular phone producers. In addition to better accuracy, reliability and integrity of dual system navigation, the chipset also combines many novel proprietary features to provide high-sensitivity operation, to mitigate multipath effects in harsh environments and to minimize the impact of RF jamming.

The chipset software is designed for easy host integration with optimum usage of resource sharing, innovative power-saving scheme offers the level of flexibility in power management expected by modern cellular phones.

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